Many businesses are beginning to move away from the main UK operators, not because the network and service is unreliable but because they want a superior and personal customer service experience for their landline provision. If they have any questions or queries, they do not want to be subject to endless automated call routing to then be placed on hold. They want to pick up the phone and speak to a knowledgeable, friendly and efficient member of the service team who is based locally and understands their business needs.

This is exactly the kind of service provided by The Utility Specialists.

When you make the transition over to our landline service, your lines never actually leave BT. We rent our lines from BT Open Reach in exactly the same way that British Telecom Retail do. This means that your calls are carried by a Tier 1 carrier (same as BT) and the line remains under the experienced ownership of BT Open Reach and their huge team of experienced engineers. What you no longer have to put up with are the long waiting times on hold, complex call routing and overseas call centres. You get the exceptional infrastructure and maintenance of BT linked with our first-class, personal customer care. On top of this, we guarantee to save you money on your line rental and call costs.

Feature Plus is a leading-edge hosted telephone system designed specifically for businesses. Using the online control portal and a choice of Cisco handsets or keeping your existing BT phones, you have complete control over your telephone service, users and features. We can help your business operate more productively with higher availability whilst reducing your communication costs.

Voice Over I.P uses a broadband connection to send calls over the internet. This service offers call quality that is equal to and sometimes superior to an analogue line. VoIP allows you to reduce the number of lines required by your business without lowering the number of concurrent inbound and outbound calls. It also offers an on-site disaster back up.

Designed for the multi-site business or larger single site, our PBX communication system offers all the benefits of a large Private Branch Exchange system without the significant up-front investment, or the need to house and maintain hardware on-site.

Our Mitel Communicator product uses IP connectivity such as broadband to provide powerful features, reduce running costs and improve the productivity and image of your business. Mitel are one of the worlds leading IP telephony manufacturers.

At The Utility Specialists we offer our clients a high quality business broadband max service. This means that your download speeds will be unaffected by external factors such as school holidays where children are at home using the internet or lunch times when lots of employees log on to surf the web.

For our clients who have a larger demand we are able to offer SDSL lines which are dedicated lines used only by them. This provides an extremely secure connection where sub-connections can be used to link multiple sites or view CCTV footage fom another locaton for example.

We provide routers which are pre-configured so all you have to do is plug it in and you're online.

Our technical team are only a phone call away ready to assist you with any problems you may encounter.

We understand that every business is different therefore we listen to you. After assessing your requirements, current spend and budget, we are able to design a bespoke plan to suit your needs. We accomplish this by carrying out a site visit at no cost and with no obligations.

We try to recognise the important areas which will allow your business to continue as normal rather than grinding to a halt. We cover all aspects of disaster from simple daily data backup to a fully furnished DR suite where your recovery teams can work from if needed.


Our customer service team is second to none. We personally man the phones 24/7, no call centres, no automated service and no waiting around on hold. We have full access the BT Open Reach platform which allows us to book engineer visits and view line information. This saves considerable time for ourselves and our clients.

We understand that most businesses rely heavily on their fixed line provision and are naturally cautious when considering other providers in order to cut costs. Competitive costs do not mean a comprimise to quality of service. We believe in going the extra mile for our clients to ensure an efficient, trouble free telephone service and this is why our clients continue to recommend us.