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Every business has essential overhead expenditure however many companies, for a number of reasons, do not efficiently manage their enegy contracts, leaving themselves exposed to expensive tariffs and premiums, incorrect meter usage or most commonly being automatically rolled into more expensive renewal contracts.

Around 4 months prior to the end of your energy contract, the suppier sends out a letter stating your new prices and how much notice is required to terminate the rollover. This deadine is commonly missed and a new contract commences on prices that can be 50-100% higher than the previous year.

Another common situation is where a business moves or starts up in new premises and a new contract is not arranged. This leaves the business on 'out of contract' rates which are significantly higher than contracted tarriffs.

Our supply chain network gives us access to information, data and tariffs that you would find hard to come by on the open market, even if you had the time to do the research. We aim to provide extra value to businesses by identifying possible savings on their running costs in the form of a Utilities ‘Health Check’. In some cases the best option might be to stay exactly where you are and if that’s the case, we’ll tell you.

The process of engaging The Utility Specialists is very simple – we will carry out a no-obligation, free review of your most recent bills. Once savings have been identified, we send you a clear, concise price comparison and our recommendation to achieve the highest savings. If you decide to go ahead, we will manage your account for you, with all savings passed on in full.

  • Pass copies of your service bills to The Utility Specialists.

  • Sign a Letter of Authority entitling us to contact your suppliers on your behalf to obtain usage info etc.

  • We will tender your account to our wide network of suppliers and partners.

  • We negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you have access to the best tariff available for your requirements and circumstances.

  • For most services, the quotes i.e. potential savings, will be received back from tender within a working week.

  • We will present a quote analysis showing you the savings.
  • If you decide to go ahead with the service, we will organise all the necessary paperwork with the supplier.
  • You sign the contract, send it back to us and then get on with running your business, in the knowledge that your account is in safe hands with us. We will be in touch with you at the right termination and renewal dates.

  • And even if you decide not to go ahead after our review, we won’t charge you a penny (though we don’t think you will!)




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